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Title: A New Beginning    
Author: chesskie8                                                         
Groups: Boyfriend, EXO                                                  
Pairings: Kwangmin, Chanyeol, Lee Chanyeon (OC)       
Status: On-going                                                                        
Rated: G 

Description: A new beginning… That’s all Lee Chanyeon, an average teenager, ever wanted since the day she found out that her boyfriend, Park Chanyeol, was cheating on her. After experiencing her first break-up, she promised herself that she wouldn’t be fooled by another young man she just met. However, there’s her long time best friend, Jo Kwangmin. The man who was always beside her and caring for her every minute they were together. In addition, he has a secret he is hiding from her. He’s in love with her, yet knowing that Chanyeon’s heart was already broken into pieces, will he be able to do it. Will he have the courage to tell her how he feels and put all of those broken pieces back together? Also, will she give love a chance once again and start all over?

Chapter: (1)(2)(3)(4), (5)(6)(7)(8), (9), (10), (11)

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